Secure and control external cyber threats

Our cybersecurity software is here to provide you with the protection measures essential to your business. You don't need to invest in complex audits to ensure a first level of security that can thwart most attacks.
We take care of your security with our combination of top-notch security measures and cyber awareness program.

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Cyber attacks on small businesses

43%of cyber attacks target small businesses
5Xtimes more likely to be victims of cyberattacks than large companies
120,000the average cost of a cyber attack for a small business

First Aid Kit


We propose you a more affordable option compared to traditional security measures such as complex audits and dedicated staff, while still providing a high level of protection against cyber threats.

Essential Protection

Rather than focusing on a single type of attack or vulnerability, your solution takes a holistic approach to security that covers all aspects of a business's online presence. This approach can help companies feel more secure and confident in their ability to prevent and respond to cyber threats.

Seamless and effective

Implementing and managing traditional cybersecurity solutions can be a complex and time-consuming task. Our software, however, is designed to be easy to deploy and manage.

First observations over 48 hours
Easy to use

How it works

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Phishing Simulations

Our phishing campaign creation solution is an advanced cybersecurity tool that allows companies to test the resilience of their staff to phishing attacks. Phishing attacks are one of the most common and successful types of attacks used by cybercriminals to gain access to corporate computer systems.

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Data Leaks

When a data leak is detected, we immediately notify our customers so they can take the necessary steps to protect their sensitive data. We also provide detailed reports on detected data leaks and the steps taken to resolve them.

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Vulnerability Scans

We offer customized vulnerability scans tailored to the specific needs of each company. We routinely scan external systems for potential vulnerabilities, such as web application security flaws, open ports, incorrect security configurations and more.

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Our solution for verifying the presence of MFA on accounts and analyzing rights and privileges is an essential tool for ensuring the security of your company and its data. With this solution, we verify that MFA (multi-factor authentication) is enabled on all accounts in your organization and analyze the rights and privileges granted to each user.

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Simple, transparent pricing.

Always know what you`ll Pay

Yearly20% off


Perfect for starters

  • A phishing campaign every two months
  • One external scan per month
  • One data leak analysis per month
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If you have more tiers or lots of features, try the table.

  • A phishing campaign every month
  • Two external scans each month
  • Two data leakage analyses each month
  • Access and MFA audit every two months
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